On Record

The Hubbard Family has independently recorded and released five albums. Every project is a homegrown labor or love, representing countless hours together in the home studio arranging, recording all vocals and instruments, mixing, and editing. The scope of their recorded material covers 15 years.  

 Through God Alone


Through God Alone, their first album, was released in 2001. The majority of the songs on Through God Alone were written by The Hubbard Family; the title track is one of the first songs written by then 14 yr. old Emmylou, who was just coming into her own as a singer-songwriter and learning to play lead guitar; Emmylou also wrote "The Clay", "I Will Follow", and "Always". Jerry penned the rollicking "Train of Grace" and "Tough Down Here". Debbie wrote "New Heart" and a beautiful ballad called "Willing To Redeem", both of which feature Debbie's exquisite singing. Then 9 yr. old Lorianne sings "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" with a voice beyond her years and plays the mandolin with natural finesse. The album also features a 5 yr. old Jeri singing "Jesus, Jesus", which would prove to be an audience favorite at every live Hubbard concert for many years. Recorded in their home studio, Through God Alone holds a very special place in The Hubbard Family's heart especially for the young vocal and instrumental performances of the girls; Lori, Jeri, and Emmy cherish it for their father Jerry's crystalline and clean arrangements and instrumentation, particularly his sparkling guitar work.  

 Living Proof

The Hubbard's second project was entitled Living Proof and was released in 2006, just in time to capture one of the best things that ever happened to The Hubbard Family: then 9 yr. old Jeri found her niche playing the drums. She makes her drumming debut on "Happy Song", a contemporary Christian tune that remains a staple in Hubbard Family concerts today, andcan be heard showing her God-given natural affinity for playing what country musicians refer to as the "train beat". The title track was written by Emmylou on Mother's Day in Wink, TX and is about thanking the people who have been living proof that God is alive and working in our lives; it is dedicated to her mother Debbie and to Mike & Myra Robison, close friends of The Hubbard Family for many years. Other Emmylou originals on the album are "Waiting For The Tide" and "You Can't Stop Me Now" which was co-written with Lorianne. Then 18 yr. old Emmylou, who prior to this album primarily played the acoustic guitar, can also be heard playing Telecaster for the first time on record in the track "Living Proof". Lori contributed an original song called "Carol's Song", a memorial to a special Sunday School teacher named Carol Medlin who fought a valiant fight with cancer and left her many Sunday School students, including the Hubbard girls, with a lesson of love and grace that will never be forgotten. On Living Proof, the Hubbards recorded arrangements of many of their non-original favorites including the classic "Beulah Land", traditional tunes "Wayfaring Stranger" and "Down In the Valley To Pray", and the hymn "Lord, I'm Coming Home". In particular, Debbie's tender and beautiful interpretation of "Beulah Land" remains one of the Hubbards most requested songs.   

 Good News Today

 Good News Today: Music From The Good News Today Radio Program was released in 2008. At the time, the Hubbard Family was the regular musical guest on Good News Today, a radio broadcast of New Life Baptist Church in Tyler, TX that aired every Sunday on 104.1 The Ranch. The Hubbard Family recorded many hymns and traditionals for the radio program and this album is a collection of some of their favorite recordings. Significantly, the album cover is a drawing of an old-fashioned radio. This drawing was made by Lorianne, who is a gifted artist.

Pilgrim Song


Pilgrim Song was released in 2010. A return to their earlier approach, Pilgrim Song features all original music except for Lorianne's soulful and soul-stirring version of the classic "My God Is Real". The title track, "Pilgrim Song", was written by Emmylou after the sudden death of a family friend they had met through the ministry. Sung beautifully and heartfully by Jeri, "Pilgrim Song" is both a reflection on the temporary nature of our journey in this world as we head to our eternal home and also a call for Christians to be especially kind, merciful, and forgiving to our fellow believers while we are all trying to walk this gospel road together.This song took on another special meaning to the Hubbard Family after they played it in the Philippines on a two-week mission trip; the Christian friends they made there responded strongly to the song every single time Jeri sang it. Other original songs written by Emmylou on this album are "Look Out For Grace" sung by Lori, "Stand For The Name" sung by Jerry, "Go In Peace" sung by Debbie, "Wouldn't Trade My Soul" sung by Jeri, and "Come and See" and "The Ragged Edge" sung by Emmylou. Also featured on this album is Lorianne's original song "Fell", a masterful telling of the entire arc of the gospel from man's fall into sin to Jesus' blood falling on the Cross to bridge the gap between man and God once again.

Carry His Name

Carry His Name is the fifth album recorded by the Hubbard Family and was released in 2013. The only non-original song on the album is the traditional "Hold To God's Unchanging Hand", sang by Emmylou. Prior to this album, only friends of the family knew that Jeri is a skilled writer and poet; on Carry His Name she sings two original songs, the hauntingly beautiful "He Won't Let Go" and "The Faithful Road", an incredibly thoughtful and compassionate message to persevere with Jesus Christ, knowing that whatever may befall us on our road, we are never alone. Lori wrote "Remember Him", a powerful warning to look to God before it is too late inspired by Old Testament Scripture. She also sings her original "Something Greater", which is an electrifying reminder that Jesus is greater than anything we will ever face in life. Debbie sings the beautiful "Speak Tenderly", a transparent cry for God's help, mercy, and tenderness in the deserts of life. Jerry sings "Spiritual Wind", a song he wrote about needing God to lead, refresh, and challenge us with new ways to serve God with a Spirit-driven life. Emmylou wrote "Carry Your Name"; sung by Debbie, it is a rallying cry for the church to take the Name of Jesus outside of the church walls and into the real world where people are looking for the hope we have in Jesus. Emmylou sings her original song "He's Got Me", a song about trusting God to take care of us in our trials and anxieties. Written by Emmylou, Jerry delivers "Keeping The Faith", a defense of the Great Commission and every believer's duty to share the hope that we have in Christ. Evoking flight and movement, the album cover is a line drawing graciously offered for our use by Lori's Fine Arts professor and mentor. There is a theme running through each and every song of the album and it is essentially The Great Commission. Carry His Name calls believers to bravely and boldly take the love of Jesus out of the pews and into the real world, to share the hope we have found with unbelievers and communicate to them Who Jesus is, and to persevere through the dangers we encounter as we follow Christ through many adventures.    



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